Sunday, February 25, 2018


Eye on Palmetto Bay (“EPB”) exists to increase Village government transparency and accountability, to seek sound budgetary processes and fair Council policies, and to promote active resident participation in our community.

EPB envisions a small-town community in which an open, responsive government protects resident’s health, safety, and well-being, safeguards the environment, honors the public’s right to information, values the diverse viewpoints of engaged residents and business owners, and adequately invests in the common good.

EPB was conceived in 2006. It began as a newspaper column – a political editorial in the monthly edition of the Palmetto Bay Community News. The column paved the way for greater public scrutiny of the policies and legislative activities of the Mayor and Village Council. It served notice to elected officials in Palmetto Bay that residents were watching, and commenting on, their actions.

The desire to expand beyond politcal issues and bring community outreach topics and events to a broader audience led to the creation of a social networking hub. The first component of the EPB network is the Twitter account: @ionpalmettobay.  (Follow The Eye on twitter at ) Via Twitter, EPB offers followers real-time postings on current events, meetings, politics, social gatherings, and charitable outreach.

The Twitter component of the social network is supported by an email account: Here, followers of EPB can communicate in private with EPB to share detailed discourse and opinions.

Commentary and topics meant for full public display and analyis are presented in the EPB Blog: . The blog carries on the editorial tradition of the orignal newpaper column, while providing an online forum for public commentary.

The EPB social network belongs to YOU, the residents of Palmetto Bay. Your participation is vital. Guest bloggers are welcome.  Thought-provoking commentary is encouraged.

EPB is your forum for “Sharing the Issues, Events, and Community Spirit that Empower our Lives.”