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FDOT Proposes Dangerous Bike Lane in Village

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drivers in bike lanes

Should Cars and Bicycles in Palmetto Bay Share a Lane on US 1?

As absurd as it sounds, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) wants to encourage you to ride your bicycle in rush hour traffic along US 1 in Palmetto Bay.

As part of a major roadway project on state road 5  (also known as US Highway 1 / South Dixie Highway), FDOT proposes to restripe the outside lane, from SW 168 street  to SW 136 street, to allow bicyclists to share the lane with motorized vehicles.

Are they serious?

Miami is a perennial top-ten finisher in studies that rank our area for bad drivers.  An Allstate Insurance study found Miami drivers 31.6% more likely than the average motorist to have an accident.  In another study, we earned the dubious distinction of being voted the home of the rudest drivers in America – two years in a row.*

Do we really want our bicycle riders to share a lane on South Dixie Highway with texting drivers and 18-wheelers???

bike lane meeting

FDOT meeting to display proposed bike lane construction

The roadway project was presented by FDOT in an informal public meeting on May 5.  Proposed work includes repaving the highway and upgrading sidewalks, signage, and drainage – and the addition of the bicycle lane.  At that meeting, EPB spoke with Charles Alfaro, a project manager with Metric Engineering, the firm contracted to oversee the construction.  According to Alfaro, “The state has mandated an increase in bicycle transportation corridors.”

We reminded Mr. Alfaro that a long and safe bicycle lane already exists just 100 feet west of US 1 – along the South Miami-Dade Busway!

The busway runs parallel to US 1 and extends as far north as the Dadeland Metrorail station and as far south as Florida City.   It includes a wide, marked bicycle lane – a safe distance from the congestion and traffic of the highway.

Here’s the irony – the busway was built by FDOT.

Our village politicians, Department of Planning and Zoning, and our residents need to step up. A second bicycle lane is not needed along the US 1 transportation corridor in Palmetto Bay.  A shared bike lane with motorized traffic is not as safe as the existing bike path along the busway, and it is a needless expenditure of taxpayer dollars.

Comments should be addressed to:

Florida Department of Transportation
District Six Public Information Office
1000 NW 111 Avenue, Room 6134
Miami, FL 33172

or email:

or call:   (305)-470-5873

Construction on the $3.8M project is slated to begin in July, 2012, and last approximately 300 days.


Are there other transportation and safety issues that need to be addressed in Palmetto Bay?  Please share your concerns with your fellow residents.  Drop us an email to or text us at 305-720-7245.

* The AutoVantage “In The Driver’s Seat” Road Rage study ranks the driving habits and attitudes of motorists across the United States and chose Miami as the unfriendliest place in America to get behind the wheel – two years in a row.

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8 Responses to “FDOT Proposes Dangerous Bike Lane in Village”
  1. Michele Haber says:

    What…. are you kidding me? A BIKE LANE on South Dixie Highway? They’ve had bicyclists hit on the bridge going over the Rickenbacker Causeway, which is nowhere near as heavily traveled! What do you think is going to happen when you allow bicyclists on South Dixie Highway? It will be too late, after a bicyclist is killed, or sustains a major, life changing head injury, to “re-think” this idiotic idea!

    We paid millions for the Busway! Save the $3.8 million dollars and use part of that for bicyclists! I ride past the Busway EVERY day – and it’s hardly even being used! You might as well put it to some good use! And while they’re at it – maybe they should put an economist in charge of some of these programs! $3.8 million to pave & paint 2.5 miles of roadway? No wonder our country is in debt! People – wake up and start writing to your representatives! This is OUR tax money!!

    Michele Haber
    Palmetto Bay, Fl

  2. Paul Leach says:

    I agree. The bus lane has ample bicycle lane space and is much safer. I ride my bike on the busway regularly. Don’t put this on US1

  3. SWPalmettoBayRes says:

    Is this another one of mayor Shelley Stanczyk’s weird ideas or was she asleep while the planning was going on. What a mess. Perhaps she and this council can add some taxpayer funded artwork to the bike lane. Is anyone in this government paying attention to what the people want and need or are they in to change for the sake of change.

    Where is the transparency mayor? Were you ever going to include us in these plans for the traffic nightmare changes or do we only find out once the detours begin?

    Why don’t you simply resign now and save us all the trouble of a recall.

  4. Pete Russo says:

    Interesting that the poster with no real name says he lives in my neighborhood. Stupid is as stupid does. FDOT is the big gorilla in the room. They don’t need anyone to give them permission to rip up US1. The County cares not what it does to us or our businesses. Ask Lynda Bell why the County is doing this. But the source of all this is the State. Lane size changes mandated by an uncaring legislature who thinks in this economic climate let’s make it harder for all of us to do business. This is their definition of creating jobs. I checked and so could you. Or do you just have an ax to grind?
    I was looking for EyeOnMiami. what a detour into mediocrity.

  5. Steve Wells says:

    Bicycles and rush hour traffic or any traffic on US 1 is a bad combination. Better to add it beside the bus-way.

  6. Al Rapport says:

    The Bus Lane has a safe well marked bike path. The reason they want to add one on US1 100 feet from the one they already have is so they can keep their current name DOT. Doit Over Twice!!

  7. Steve Wells says:

    US 1 is unsafe enough as it is. I certainly wouldn’t take my life into my own hands by riding my bike on it. I’ll use the busway, thank you very much!

  8. Henry Clifford says:

    It is a bad idea, but first- To be sure we are comparing apples with apples: There are no bicycles allowed on the busway pavement (look for the signs at each intersection). There is a “mixed-use”, asphalt path to the west of that. A “mixed use” path is meant for pedestrians and low-speed, casual bicyclists. A bike lane is meant for (more or less) high-speed bicycle commuters. Try riding your skinny-wheeled, hard-seated, go-long-distances bike down that lumpy-bumpy path (I have), and you’ll find somewhere else to ride, if you plan on biking to work. It’s better than nothing, but is not made to encourage alternate transportation.

    There has been a federal requirement for years to include bike lanes (both sides of the street) in any paving project that gets federal funding, unless you can show why it is impossible. Seems like just about everybody has been able to forgo those funds, or show why, since true bike lanes are almost nonexistent anywhere near here. (There is one 5 blocks long, on the back side of the Falls).

    Notwithstanding all that, you’d have to be crazy or immortal to ride down the edge of Useless One on a bicycle (although in Rush Hour, you might be the fastest vehicle). It would make far more sense to allow the bicyclists to take their chances in the roadway with the buses (or maybe restripe the bus lanes for a high-speed bike lane in each direction)(or let you ride the bus for free if you put your bike on the front).

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