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Resident Steamed Over Village Water Monument

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Is Palmetto Bay Art Project in Sync with County Water Restrictions?

With regional ground and surface water levels in decline and no significant rainfall expected in the coming weeks, the South Florida Water Management District issued a Water Shortage Order that went into effect on March 26, 2011.

With the state and Miami-Dade county calling upon residents to further tighten their usage of water, one Palmetto Bay resident questions an upcoming public art project that features a fountain-inspired water component.

Community Newspapers’ Gary Ruse recently reported Palmetto Bay’s new obelisk in the traffic circle located at SW 168th Street and 87th Avenue will get an artistic “makeover” as part of the village’s Art in Public Places Program.  A key component of the project is a fountain with water jets shooting toward the sky.

Steve Kreisher, a Palmetto Bay resident for over 40 years, questions the practicality of the project and the implications of installing a fountain in a drought period.

Kreisher outlined his concerns in an open email to the Mayor and council.  The following is an unedited reprint of his email:

—– Original Message —–
From: Steve Kreisher
To: Shelly Stanczyk, Brian Pariser, Howard Tendrich, Patrick Fiore, Joan Lindsey
Sent: Thursday, May 12, 2011 10:03 AM
Subject: What are the village’s priorities?

Art over practicality?

It seems that about the same time SFWMD was ordering “water conservation” (see below), the Palmetto Bay staff requested (and Council approved) ADDING an EXPENSIVE ’water monument’ (?art?) to not only waste water, but add another ‘unsupervised’ water location for safety potential problems like in the Dog Park, add unnecessary ‘maintenance and operational expenses’ to an intersection (not a park) as well as ADD MORE DISTRACTIONS to a ‘traffic circle’ that already confuses drivers. Where’s the conservation and practicality?  Is art necessary?

Not only could you have saved the water, but look at all the other costs you could have saved without it.  Why not just paint it to look like water???????  No water, no pumps, filters, electricity, lights, leaks, cleaning, or lifeguards (or ‘lawyer expenses’) required then. (It’s not too late!)
That sounds ‘greener’ and more sensible to me!

Speaking of ‘more sensible and greener’, after six months why do we have old bottles hanging on clothes lines in front of the village hall… (?art?)….but NO BIKE RACKS (wasn’t that a goal, to walk/ride)???…and who’s going to sit on those benches out in the sun like that, and they are already rusting and not even bolted down for security.

Oh yea, ‘priorities’…….?????????

I’ll never figure them out….like the recent two-story ‘solution’ from staff in a one-story only neighborhood.  Is staff really guiding you effectively?
Just say “no” and save us all some money, lawyer fees, and embarrassing art projects and unnecessary ‘negative quality of life’ impacts too.
Taxes are paid by EXISTING RESIDENTS, not artist or developers!

The economy is projected for at least three more years of housing costs and relative tax revenues plummeting, so stop committing monies irresponsibly. Please THINK OF LONG TERM IMPACTS and COSTS/benefits(?) of each and every project, BEFORE APPROVAL!
We, the residents, have to pay for it all…and live with it forever!

Miami-Dade Alert About Water Shortage Order:

Miami-Dade County Water Shortage Watch

Miami-Dade County Water Shortage Watch

“Because regional ground and surface water levels are declining, with no significant rainfall expected in the coming weeks, the South Florida Water Management District issued a Water Shortage Order that went into effect on March 26, 2011.  Learn more about what the new water restrictions mean to you and our community.


We want to hear from you – the residents of Palmetto Bay! How do you feel about Mr. Kreisher’s comments?  Should the village reconsider the water component of the art project? Will the art be a distraction to motorists or a welcome addition to our streets? Will mischievous kids put soap in the fountain to make it bubble (hence, more maintenance costs)?  Please post your comments, and we’ll share them with our readers.

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One Response to “Resident Steamed Over Village Water Monument”
  1. linda gardner says:

    I totally agree with Steve Kreisher. It is ridiculous to think of spending tax payer’s money on this water feature “art Project” especially in these times when the country is in such an appalling mess. Where is the common sense?

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