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Resident Urges Caution, Not Complacency, with Budget

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Palmetto Bay resident, Gunther (Gus) Karger, was kind enough to forward a copy of a recent letter he sent to the Palmetto Bay Mayor and Council regarding the village budget. Mr. Karger has years of financial management experience and urges the village to control growth and expenditures during these tough economic times.


September 15, 2009

TO: Mayor, Village Council, Village Manager
From: Gunther Karger
CC: Palmetto Bay residents

RE: Palmetto Bay Budget – Sept 14 public input meeting

After receiving reports of icebergs in the area, the captain said to the helmsman “clear sea ahead – maintain full speed,” and the Titanic ran into disaster.

Palmetto Bay needs to plan for the future and stop wreckless spending and fiscal irresponsibility

Palmetto Bay needs to plan for the future and stop wreckless spending and fiscal irresponsibility

The theme of last night’s budget hearing meeting could be described in two words: Self gratification and complacency. These two words describe the most dangerous policies leaders can adopt because they describe infallability and infallability too often leads to disaster.

Better to heed the words of Josef (Bible) who told the Pharoah what his dreams meant. Josef told Pharoah that years of lean times lie ahead and that today’s bounty should be stored so the people had food to eat during the coming lean times. Pharoah wasn’t complacent and he didn’t self gratify himself enough to not heed the words of someone foretelling a possible future.

During the budget presentation of how great Village management is and about the great accomplishments thus far achieved, there was not a single comment that we are in the midst of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Foreclosures are soaring, banks are failing, businesses and individuals are going bankrupt in record numbers and the unemployment rate is at a 30 year high. Stores are closing and for sale/lease signs are all over the place. Other municipalities including our own County is in economic crisis cutting salaries (except for the Mayor’s office which are getting raises), entire departments are shutting down and even teachers are getting laid off. What are we at Palmetto Bay doing?  We are hiring and creating a new department of human resources and an additional finance analyst. For sure, there is no recession in Village Hall where our employees enjoy great salaries and golden retirement programs.

Once again, I urge each of you to heed the words of Josef of biblical times. “Conserve and store the present wealth for lean times to come.”  Make do with what we today have…hire no new people, freeze wages to the present and either save the excess finds into a lock box emergency reserve until times get better or return the money to the people as a tax reduction. After all, it is the people’s money. Yes, we really have a great community in Palmetto Bay, thanks to your leadership thus far and the support of the residents.

Please remember though, this is a time to be conservative, not be complacent and not engage in excess self gratification. History is not on the side of those who are.

Gunther (Gus) Karger

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2 Responses to “Resident Urges Caution, Not Complacency, with Budget”
  1. Jim, thanks for posting my letter. The picture of Titanic is especially interesting to me because I “came over” from europe on the first large ocean liner built since the Titanic disaster…the MS Gripsholm built in 1926, passenger capacity was 1800.

  2. Kouba says:

    Hmm… I read blogs on a similar topic, but i never visited your blog. I added it to favorites and i’ll be your constant reader.

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