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Guest Blogger – How the Village Council is Wasting Your Money

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Palmetto Bay residents should also be aware that not all of Palmer’s claims are covered by the village’s insurance policy, which will make the outcome for residents even more expensive, if not bankrupt the village.

WHO is Chris Scarano (and Why is He Smiling)?

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With the stroke of a pen and a few hundred postage stamps, this little-known resident has done what every political candidate dreams to do – capture the attention, and hearts, of undecided voters.

Palmetto Bay Manager May Cash In Unused Vacation

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Thanks to Jim Araiza’s Eye on Palmetto Bay, David Sutta and the investigative reporters and producers at CBS4′s ITEAM came to Palmetto Bay on Monday, to question the proposed contract extension for Village Manager Ron Williams.

Resident Urges Caution, Not Complacency, with Budget

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The theme of last night’s budget hearing meeting could be described in two words: Self gratification and complacency. These two words describe the most dangerous policies leaders can adopt…

Commercial Airshow Could Be Big Boost to South Florida Economy

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As soon as 2012, South Florida might be home to its own commercial air show at Homestead Air Force Base. It is estimated the show could generate up to $100 million in local economic impact and draw over 125,000 tourists and visitors each day for a week.